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I have a HR34 with whole home DVR.

So recently I downloaded through HBO On Demand all episodes of "The Newsroom" and just watching the first 2 episodes I have been experiencing some bad freezing problems where the video playback freezes for about 30 seconds and will skip ahead in the episode.This happened to me 4 separate times while viewing each episode.

On the other hand I also downloaded through Starz On Demand "Magic City" and did not have this problem at all while watching those episodes.

So I'm not sure if the issue is with the HR34 and whole home DVR or if the issue with HBO's video on demand service.

Has anyone else had this problem with on demand services.

This issue really annoyed the heck out of me while trying to watch The Newsroom.

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As Shades said it is a known issue when downloading with the HR34. If you have another DVR in your setup you can download the episodes with it and not have the problem when viewing the recordings on your HR34.
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