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So I have Windows 7 using WMP and Norton 360. I thought it may be important to mention the above.

When I go to either of my DVRs, select menu, select extras, select "Music & Photos", select photos; I can see my computer and the folders that I have shared using WMP. However when I try to select a folder, I will see one thumbnail of a picture on the PC (sometimes two) and then the DVR locks up. I have tried this on my HR20/100 with 059e software as well as the HR21/700 with the same software with the same results.

This use to work for me BEFORE the 059e software upgrade and my Norton 360 upgrade. I am not sure which has caused this problem since both were updated about the same time and I had not tried to view pictures before this time.

Things I have tried:
1) Tried both DVRs. Both lockup and both have to be rebooted with red button
2) Disabling the Smart Firewall in Norton. No difference.
3) Adding a folder to WMP. Folder shows up as a selection on DVR but still locks up.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I would love to be able to view my photos on the TV again since this is one of my hobbies.

*** More information - TV Apps work fine, pandora works fine, Whole Home Listings work great, youtube great, everything else great.

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Most decent BluRay players do media sharing. One of those set up with a streaming 3rd party software like Twonky (free) is awesome.
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