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ViP 622 dying?

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my 622 has been a workhorse for ~2 years but it seemed to begin to act up last night -- within 3 hours, it

-- showed "signal lost" twice (when I was watching OTA programming -- not using the Dish signal at all);
-- lost video completely. the screen just goes blank. audio is fine. when it happens the receiver does not respond to the remote either.

each time I had to power cycle to bring it back to life...

does this mean I should now sign up for DHPP and have it replaced? :confused:
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My 622 will go to the signal lost screen also, been doing it more and more. The last time it did it several times, saying it lost a different channel each time, started at 186, then 187, then 188, then 189 then stopped doing it. I was watching OTA at the time
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