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ViP 622 dying?

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my 622 has been a workhorse for ~2 years but it seemed to begin to act up last night -- within 3 hours, it

-- showed "signal lost" twice (when I was watching OTA programming -- not using the Dish signal at all);
-- lost video completely. the screen just goes blank. audio is fine. when it happens the receiver does not respond to the remote either.

each time I had to power cycle to bring it back to life...

does this mean I should now sign up for DHPP and have it replaced? :confused:
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I guess it is a software issue then ... I'm not sure which version I'm running at...

the problem occured when I swapped tuners (I was swapping between an OTA channel and a Dish channel). there was a recording in the background when the "signal lost" happened, but there was no recording when the no video occured.

hopefully the problems will be straighten out when the software gets updated...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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