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I have tried my fourth VIP722 DVR and can't get the HDMI port to function with my Samsung LNT4661F 46" LCD or my Sony TV.
My HDMI inputs on the Samsung and the Sony function fine when I connect my DVD player/recorder via HDMI.
When I connect the VIP722 I just get a "No Signal" Error on the TV's. Component connections on all VIP722's work fine.
After my 3rd VIP722 didn’t correct the problem Dish blamed Samsung. A Samsung service tech just left my house after replacing the main board in the Samsung TV under warranty and updating the firmware with still "No Signal" problem. Samsung blames Dish Network since thier ports function fine with my DVD player.
Tried different HDMI cables etc. same problem, the DVD player works fine. Had a new dish VIP722 DVR in the box waiting to try (the fourth) after the board was replaced in the Samsung but still the same problem.
I’m hoping one of the experts out their might have a clue as to what is going on here.

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Are you saying that on BOTH TV's you're unable to use the HDMI ports from 4 different 722's, including different cables? Wow, I don't know what to tell you. I'd think that the fact that you've tried 4 receiver, 3 cables, and 2 TVs that at least one of those combination's would have worked.
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