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VIP612 lock-ups?

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So the 612 has "locked" up 3 times since I had Dish installed about 3 weeks ago. Last night while watching Bad Boys on one of the premium stations (think it was MAX), the picture froze, but I could still hear audio for maybe 20sec and then everything stopped and the TV screen went blank. I had to push and hold the power button on the receiver for about 3-4 seconds and it re-booted. Then it went through it's power up routine (loud fan running, HD blue light lit up) for about 1-2min. Then I was able to turn power it back on with the remote and saw a message on the TV screen that it was getting the satellite signals and after another 2-3min or so was back like nothing happened. Is this normal? The satellite and transponder we in the low 50's for strength so perfectly fine for Eastern ARC, actually at the high end. I previously had Comcast and had maybe 1 scientific atlanta explorer 83000 HD lock up every 3-4months so the Dish VIP612 seems a lot worse. Thanks.
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You may want to take a look at the ViP612 L6.00 Software Experiences/Bugs Discussion thread which has posts like this one:
Rotryrkt said:
I just installed a new 612 and have experienced the OTA dropouts as well. I am having periodic lockups, BSODs, and slow-no response to remote commands. After replacing the HDMI cable and rebooting, check switch, and yet another front panel reset, things seem a little better tonight.

I have a 622 on my primary TV and it has been rock solid lately. 612 is on a new Samsung DLP 1080p in the Family room. OTA signal levels are definitely lower on the 612. Hopefully just growing pains. The 622 had similar problems when I first hooked it up, but it has outgrown all the early glitches. Hopefully, the next SW upgrade will be more stable.
My two week old 612 has had no serious problems though playback does stall at times and the control is a bit kludgy compared to my 722. But there appears to be folks happy with their 612's so you may want a replacement.
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