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VIP622 - enable slingcatcher?

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Just came across this article

Wonder what would it take to enable my 722 for this?
All the 722s include the Slingbox media streamer and the Slingcatcher??
How can I watch Dish programming in my study on my pc via the sling catcher feature?

There is not much info out there on how I can start leveraging the slingcatcher facility? Through dishonline.com? dishnetwork.com?

On a different topic - I am quite impressed with this recently obtained 722 with 55 hours of HD recording. My TiVO pales in comparison. But does the 722 allow programs to be dragged and dropped onto pc (like my TiVO does?). Looking to decide if I should still keep my TIVO....the one reason I like my TiVO is because I easily backup recordings (onto a PC/hard drive) I like for replay later. But then there is only so much you can backup and save - not like we have that much time on our hands to watch something another time (unless it is the presidential debate :-(
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The receiver that has sling built in is called the 722s (not he model 722) and DISH is changing the name to ViP922 so people don't get it confused with the 722. DISH has not said when it will be released.

If you want to sling programs from your 722 you will need to buy a (separate) Sling Box.
uconndude said:
. But does the 722 allow programs to be dragged and dropped onto pc (like my TiVO does?).
The 722 doesn't allow this.
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