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Vista Gadgets / Mac Widgets

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Just wondering what everyone's favorite gadget or widget was?

I recently downloaded the XM gadget on my Vista machine and absolutely love it. I use it almost every time I'm on this computer. It is very well designed and works perfectly.
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Unfrotunately, my favorite Vista gadget had it's teeth pulled. An independent programmer had designed a wonderful Weather Channel gadget that would literally provide you with everything including live radar from the Gadget.

The Weather Channel has their own gadget, but clicking on radar takes you to their web site.

Apparently this was their objection to the other programmers gadget. They made him disable the live radar.. they want you to go to the web site for all that ad exposure.

Sometimes I wonder if these companies are run by idiots... they could have worked something out with the programmer. His gadget was superior to theirs and not just because of the radar.

I do have a favorite seasonal gadget.. "Shopping Days Left til Christams"
Just create a custom desktop object using the URL for the desired RADAR image.
I use Yahoo! Widgets with XP. The widgets I have up are CPU portal, Day Planner, Memory Gauge, a digital clock and the Speedfan Tempature Widget, although I only load Speedfan if I am checking out how warm everything is running.
I was looking for a good weather gadget for my vista machine... I'm using the NOAA one for my Mac right now...
If my computers at home weren't so wimpy and pitiful I might be tempted to try widgets, but alas and alack...
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