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Hello guys. I just wanted to say that I've emailed Vivendi Universal, and I've talked to some public relations people at Vivendi. I haven't gotten any confirmed information yet, but I just wanted to say that I'm trying to dig up the dirt on what the 5 new channels will be that they are launching this coming fall on Dish Network. I didn't ask about the 8 interactive services, but I'm sure that they don't know what they are doing with those yet either. The lady told me that:
1. The genres of the 5 channels have not been decided at ALL yet, but there is a meeting today to discuss what some might be. She said that she's heard rumors one will be a foreign film channel and another will be a music video channel. They have not even picked what a single channel will be yet. Talk about cramming. LOL

2. No definite time has been set for the launch, but they are scheduled for mid-September to late-October.

3. As noted in the press release, 1 is to be in America's Top 100 while 2 are in America's Top 150. The lady said that she's heard that one of the remaining 2 will be in AT100 while the other will be in AT150.

I know I've not given a whole lot of information, but I figured I'd start the thread and give you periodic updates as I get them cuz my curiosity is KILLING me. LOL.
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