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VOD download speed only around 2Mb/s; have comcast HSI

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I am noticing download speeds of only 1-3 Mb/s with great fluctuations when doing VOD. I have tested my download speeds using speedtest.net which shows download speed around 4300+ kbs.

Anyone else see anything like this?
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This is by design .. Once you've reached a certain speed, the expectation is that you can watch VOD relatively live ..
just a few weeks ago, I would get a consistent 5 Mb/s download..at the slower speeds, i cannot watch it almost live anymore..
I would guess the addition of being able to schedule from the web which they just started pushing may have something to do with this--come back in a week and tell us if you still see that.
I am downloading SD right now. It is coming down at about 2mb. But last week downloading HD it was more like 5mb.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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