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VOD Guide data and cluttered listings

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For ordinary broadcasts, multiple episodes of the same series on the same channel are represented by a single line in the guide data. If the same series is being broadcast on multiple channels, then that series is represented as a folder in the guide data, with one line per channel inside the folder and multiple episodes from each channel listed within that.

That's great, and a fine way of organizing things.

Why, then, when DirecTV is offering, say, a dozen different episodes of a series as VOD choices, do they cram part of the episode name into the series name and make each episode appear as a separate series, occupying separate lines in the guide? This clutters up the guide data and makes finding shows to record harder rather than easier. It would seem much better to have the series show up as a normal series, with VOD as an extra channel, and multiple episodes appearing as episodes of the series.

Is there some technical reason why they do things in such a backwards way? Or is it just a misguided attempt to make their VOD offerings look much more numerous than they really are by monopolizing guide real estate?
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