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I have 2, HR22s, one is direct wired to my Router with a download speed of 4MB/s, the other Hr22 is connect wirelessly with a game adapter dlownloading at 2MB/s.

The hard wired HR22 can keep up with on the fly down loads and viewing

Prior to the new HDUI, the HR22 with the wireless adpater had no problem with watching VOD on the fly and YouTube videos, now it needs to wait to fill the buffer a disgusting amount even when watching YouTube videos.

I have reset the receiver many times, reauthorized it, reset the network to defaults, etc., etc.

My download speeds to both receivers has not changed over 2 years and I check them about every 3 months.

What has changed in the new HDUI that could have caused my receiver to slow down my downloading to a dead slug state and worked flawlessly before the new HDUI?


Bob P.
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