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Wal-Mart Drops Amazon's Kindle

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Wal-Mart views Amazon as a competitor in the consumer goods market.

From The New York Times
Wal-Mart Is Deleting the Kindle From Stores

Published: September 20, 2012

Wal-Mart Stores, the nation's largest retailer, said Thursday it was dropping Amazon's Kindle tablets and e-readers, a sign of how seriously it views Amazon as a competitor in the consumer goods market. ...

Wal-Mart did not specify why it was discontinuing its Kindle sales, but analysts said it was not hard to decipher, given that the retailer will still sell similar devices from companies like Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble and Samsung. ...
Full article here.
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Target dropped Amazon a few days ago according to the TV / CNBC I was watching yesterday.

If you are a retailer and selling someone's product and that someone will undercut your price, I do not see a reason to sell their product.
That was the gist of what I heard the reporter say.
The Target announcement was actually back in May. Speculation at that time was it was because Apple is going to set up mini Apple stores in some Targets.

Still love my Kindle e-ink readers but I always buy from Amazon anyway.
With the tax advantage about gone and Amazon building huge distribution centers within 1 days deliver from a large swath of the populace this is all about retail competition. Why sell something that will soon become a POS for Amazon?
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