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I waited since July 3rd for my receiver, I have called and talked to numerous employees. I also talked to two supervisors. The last supervisor promised me that since it was early enough in the day, my replacement receiver would be sent to me 2 day air. That was October 30th. Needless to say, it never arrived. It also is noted on my account. Now every time I call, they say they will transfer me to a supervisor and then they tell me 1. the supervisor is out to lunch, or 2. I will have to go to their voice mail. 3/4's the time the voice mail is full.

I love my sirius programming but this warranty exchange is ridiculous.

They sent me an e-mail on September 29th, telling me they had my new Sportster Replay. They have had my receiver since October 3rd. This is bull in my opinion. I have *****ed and *****ed. Then I called up Sirius customer support and all they can do is tell me to take it up with the warranty department.

The worst part is, now when I get my replacement receiver my original 1 year warranty will run out in December, so I will have no new warranty when and if I ever get this new receiver.

Any help?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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