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Was my installer correct?

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I arranged for a Movers Connection" and the installer showed up yesterday to do the installation. Of course everything about the order was wrong - wrong phone number, wrong address, and of course the work order only included half of the stuff we needed done, we are also swapping out some older equipment. Needless to say, he ccouldn't do the installation as planned, they are rescheduled to come back on Sunday.

I discussed the installation with the installer...the house was wired for cable TV, one coax in each of the rooms. He talked about how he would run the second cable for the DVRs (3 of them). Then he recommended I wait until after August 22 to schedule the work. He told me that he is going to training tomorrow to install the "new dish." He said with the new dish I would require only 1 dish (our locals are on 72.5), and they could use the existing - single cable. He would simply have to add a splitter to connect both tuners. I knew ther was a new dish coming out, and I figured they'd move our locals off the 72.5 satellite, but I wasn't aware of the single cable issue.

My question is - is he right about that? If so, I may wait for a few weeks instead of stringing additional cables around the attic and trying to fish them through the wall. Also, this would give me more options for the dish placement since I don't need to access the 72.5 satellite. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sounds like he's talking about the Single Wire Multiswitch. Search around for SWM, it's pretty cool. They also have a new dish with the SWM built into the LNB so you'd only need 1 wire from the dish instead of 4. Check out SWMLine. The question that's left is just how did they do the CATV install, splitters or home runs to a closet? Hopefully they have wideband splitters because the wrong splitters behind the wall could cause issues.
Yes & no.

Yes in that the SWMLine LNB is in it's finally stages of deployment. It does allow for sing coax runs to receiver locations. It also allows for lines to be split as well. He was also correct that your SD locals will be moving off of the 72.5, removing the need for the second dish.


72.5 locals have not started to be moved yet. So for the time being you will still need that second dish for your locals.

The SWMLine LNB so far has only be allowed on NEW customer installs, not existing customers or upgrades. But some locations are "breaking" the rules so to speak and using them anyway to save time.

If the SWMLine LNB does get used, any legacy equipment you have will now be useless. The only receivers that will work with the SWMLine LNB are the D12, H20, HR20, R16 and higher model numbers. If you have any older Tivo units, Sony, RCA or Hughes boxes, they are off to the great entertainment center in the sky.
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:welcome_s to DBSTalk, kascls!

There is already a dish called SWMLine but it is only being used in certain markets right now. I am not sure if it will really be in your market by that date or not.

From the dish you would run only one line from it to a grounding block and than inside to a PI (power supply). From the PI to a splitter and than only one line to the DVR's and it will control both tuners.

You can only use up to 8 total tuners with that dish and it will only work with the HR20, HR21, H20, H21, H23, R16, R22, and D12.

There is another unit out now that you can buy online from places like solidsignal.com or a member (dave29) here that sells them. That unit is called SWM8 and you need to have 4 lines from the Slimline dish to it and than the rest of the setup is the same way as the SWMLine. That unit can control up to 8 SWM tuners like the SWMLine but it also has 3 legacy outputs for non SWM capable equipment. To use those outputs you would need to run separate lines from each output.

As for your SD locals they will be moved from SAT 72.5 to SAT 119 at some point but I am not sure when that will happen.
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He was sure of the date. Makes me nervous being so close to college football season. I guess I could "test" charter for a month, I have cable internet service with them. To me that is the big wild card. I am willing to wait a few weeks for the new technology - if that date is close to being accurate. Recievers are not a problem, I already have an HR20-700 and they are ugrading the other recievers for me, that was part of the reason the order was screwed up.

By the way, I'm in the Chattanooga DMA.

Thanks again.
Like the others have said the new dish can help you out. But I doubt that those locals will be moving before that date.

You still have the same dish options though since it are two separate dishes. He'll install the Ka/ Ku where it is best and later on you can take down the one for 72.5
Got a blast fact recently that stated 72.5 locals will be moving and that those markets were to recieve the 3 LNB (99,101,103) Slimline. Not so sure if the guys will have SWMs to go with it. Also would have to go find the e-mail to see what type of timeframe was stated. None of this matters in my market where the locals come of the 119 so really didnt pay that much attention to it. ;)
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