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Watch HD channel and record a different HD one with DVR622?

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I am thinking about upgrading the DVR622 from a 508. I want to run it on one TV. How will it connect and work with one TV? Will I even be using the second standard def tuner?

I'm assuming that I would connect the tuner 1 HD component cables to the tv and then the tuner 2 with the composite rca connections?

Will I be able to watch an HD broadcast and record HD at the same time, if not, is there another solution? Also, how do you switch between the tuners?


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The 622 has three tuners, two DBS that are either HD or SD and one OTA that is ONLY digital. You can watch and record any combination of them, it switches between them automatically meaning if you are recording with one DBS tuner and switch to a different DBS channel it automatically starts using the second tuner for you. The biggest limitation is the single OTA tuner, you can not record one OTA program and watch another live one at the same time. You can record a maximum of 2 DBS and one OTA program at the same time - you can also watch a previously recorded program (from any source) while recording all three.

As far as connections go, if you only have one TV you can connect via HDMI or Component, or both. If you want the TV to do PIP you would connect both and use the two sources as PIP. If you just have a single connection to the TV the 622 will do PIP itself with two of it's tuners.
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Like bobukcat said. The inputs to the 622 and the outputs of the 622 can be thought of as being separate. The 622 has the ability to record 2 DBS and 1 OTA signals at a time and each signal can either record HD or SD content. If you are in single mode you also have the ability to watch a recorded program or on of the input tuners at the same time.

So with one HD TV you would only connect either the HDMI cable or component for video and if you were using component you would also have to connect your RCA audio jacks to your TV at a minimum. Ofcourse there are a number of other combinations but the about would be the minimum connections you would have to make.
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