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Watch shows from disconnected R15?

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I've moved back to DISH, but have some shows previously recorded on the R15 that I haven't watched yet...and TONS of children's programming for my daughter.
Now that I'm disconnected, it seems I can no longer access those programs.
I have a DISH 501 DVR that has programs that are several years old on it, and I was always able to watch them.
All I'm getting is the searching for satellite screen, but cannot access the list on the R15.
There's got to be a way to watch these. There are almost 100 hours of shows that I paid to record and watch.
Any help would be appreciated.
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no your sol, that's one of the many problems of the R15.
The trick (and it is too late for you) is to unhook the satellite feeds to the R15 before you call and disconnect. Then do NOT hook them back up. That way it can't receive the "turned off" signal, and you will still be able to watch what was previously recorded.

I know you have already switched to Dish, but if for some reason your D* account is still active (or can be briefly activated) and you can connect the R15 to the D* dish, just activate it for a day, then disconnect the R15 (FIRST) and then cancel again (SECOND).
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