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I have 2 Hoppers, both with Western Digital MyBook legacy 2.0 500 GB external hard drives connected to them. On one system I never have a problem. On the other occasionally the drive isn't recognized by the Hopper. When that happens I have unplugged the USB and plugged it back in and it immediately works again. At other times the Joey connected to that Hopper won't see the EHD until I turn on the Hopper. Dish has said that I need to turn off sleep for the external hard drive, since having a EHD go to sleep will create problems (although I previously had these drives on 722s and they worked just fine).

First, is that a true statement, that EHD drives connected to a Hopper shouldn't be allowed to go to sleep?

Second, how would I even do that on a legacy WD drive that's already been formatted by the Dish receiver with programming on it?
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