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Greetings all, as you may know DBSforums came back online last night at 5PM.

As one of the administrators of DBStalk.COM I would like to thank everyone who made us their home while DBSforums was down! We hope you enjoyed your stay on our state of the art server. We hope you liked all the bells and whistles that we hope made your visit even more pleasurable. We hope you have enjoyed our friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

We hope that all who joined us over the past week will come back and see us again soon!

When you come back you will notice that we have improved even further, we have gone through and reorganized our forums, we have also added some new forums, which you the users have suggested. We planned many of these changes before the DBSforums outage but we decided to hold off on the changes until things got back to normal.

Among the new forums we have added include
- General Dish Network Forum (Dish Network posts can now be found in one place!)
- HDTV/Broadcast Forum (Talk about HDTV or your local over the air broadcasters here!)
- At the Movies (Movie talk was very popular in our Potpourri area, now they have their own home!)
- Computer Talk (Also another popular subject in our Potpourri area which now has its own home!)
- Technical Support (Our panel of experts and dealers will do our best to help your with your DBS issues!)
- Buy Sell and Trade Forum (We have made this area easier to find, we are proud of this area, most items listed are sold within 48 hours of being posted! It’s also one of the few BS&T forums on the net that allows dealers to post their satellite specials!)

Also be sure to check out our very active Satellite Radio forum, were users can discuss the Sirius and XM radio services!

We are changing for the better because of your suggestions! We thank you for all your input that you have given us so far.

We are working hard to be one of the best DBS discussion groups on the Internet. We hope you will continue to join us and to offer us your comments and suggestions.

Thanks Again!
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