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Scott, first let me say that I really like the addition of the Technical Forum. I want to learn everything that I can about the functions of DBS as a whole.
I can't quite get used to the flower forum (Potpourri), the name only. However the name I understand and it does seem to fit the general category.. I like your personal style as an administrator and actually look forward to reading your replies. You have good knowledge of the DBS industry as a whole and what you may not know I feel that you do research to give the right answer 24/7.
I give alot of credit also to Chris Blount for his selection of the moderators that he has selected. I want to thank Chris for the access to the forum that he has given us. I am positive that it requires alot of attention.
Scott, you give your opinions without the perceivance that you are going to force your opinion down anyones throat.

I like that.
I am also glad that the number of posters has been steadily gaining as of lately. At one time I even posted trying to get others to register knowing that if the place did grow that the opportunity for more information would pick up. The more information that is passed by the numbers = a well informed DBS participant.

So in alot of ways I am glad that DBS Forums went down for a short while as others learned that we were here. I hope that they will continue to stop in to browse and to post if they choose.
More participants is great. I am glad that DBS Forums is back up and running because choice is good for the information flow.
I like your opinion and I share that with you that it is not us against them, it is simply put another choice.

again thanks Scott, and by the way I liked the story about your son and Mr. Mittens pooping out kittens. Probably wasn't fun cleaning up the mess though. Kids are funny as he-l and the things they say and do.
For a high school student I also think Steve Jay Shem is doing a fantastic job at moderating.
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