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Wednesday's (8/14/02) MLB TV Schedule

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11:20 AM PT/2:20 PM ET
Astros (FSN Southwest) @ Cubs (FSN Chicago & EI 754) & ESPN

12:35 PM PT/3:35 PM ET
Blue Jays (No TV) @ Athletics (No TV)

4:05 PM PT/7:05 PM ET
Giants (FSN Bay Area) @ Braves (FOX South) & ESPN
Rockies (No TV) @ Marlins (No TV)
Dodgers (No TV) @ Expos (No TV)
Brewers (FSN North-Wisconsin) @ Phillies (CSN Philadelphia)
Cardinals (FSN Midwest) @ Pirates (FSN Pittsburgh)

4:10 PM PT/7:10 PM ET
Diamondbacks (FSN Arizona) @ Reds (No TV) & ESPN Alternate
Padres (Ch 4 Padres) @ Mets (MSG & FSN New York)

4:15 PM PT/7:15 PM ET
Indians (FSN Ohio) @ Devil Rays (FSN Florida)

5:05 PM PT/8:05 PM ET
Yankees (YES) @ Royals (FSN Midwest Alternate)
Orioles (CSN-Baltimore) @ Twins (FSN North-Minnesota)
White Sox (FSN Chicago) @ Rangers (FSN Southwest)

7:05 PM PT/10:05 PM ET
Red Sox (NESN) @ Mariners (FSN Northwest) & ESPN 2
Tigers (No TV) @ Angels (FSN West) & ESPN 2 Alternate
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I am watching the Dodgers-Expos on Diamond Surfing on The Score which is a sports channel on StarChoice. I wonder where the feed is coming from. I saw a banner for MLB.COM. Do you think they are taking it from the internet.?They switch from one game to another every couple of minutes on Diamond Surfing.
I don't know. It has to be a diamondvision feed with radio announcers. Who's announcing? If it's Ross or possibly Rick (that may put you to sleep :)) then it's a diamondvision feed with local radio announcers. Something that used to be common on c/ku. I'd be curious if you can hear an announcers name. It's either Expos radio (I didn't think they had an English feed this year) or Dodgers radio. How many camera angles are being used. Are there alot from the bases and not much from center? Any reference to local ads or something you might see at a baseball game on the big screen?
Oh! It's the NHK feed because of Ishii. NHK feed for Japan. These used to be fed on c-band satellite once upon a time, but I haven't seen any this year.
Mike someone from a Canadian message board informed me it was an in house feed with the Expos radio announcers, but maybe it was the NHK feed. I know it was kind of fuzzy, the picture.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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