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Blue = ESPN & DirecTV EI feeds.

10:05am PT
Rangers (FSN Southwest & EI 754) @ Twins (No TV)
Blue Jays (No TV) @ Yankees (YES & EI 755) & ESPN

12:35pm PT
Orioles (WB50/WB54) @ A's (No TV)

4:05pm PT
White Sox (FSN Chicago) @ Red Sox (NESN) & ESPN 2
Indians (FSN Ohio) @ Tigers (FSN Detroit)
Braves (FSN South) @ Expos (No TV)
Mets (MSG) @ Phillies (CSN)

4:10pm PT
Marlins (FSN Florida) @ Reds (No TV) & ESPN 2 Alternate

5:05pm PT
Dodgers (FSN West 2) @ Brewers (FSN North-Wisconsin)
Pirates (FSN Pittsburgh) @ Cubs (FSN Chicago +)

5:10pm PT
Astros (FSN Southwest) @ Cardinals (FSN Midwest)

6:05pm PT
Padres (Ch 4 Padres) @ Rockies (FSN Rocky Mountain)

7:05pm PT
Royals (No TV) @ Angels (No TV) & ESPN 2 Alternate
Giants (FSN Bay Area) @ D'Backs (FSN Arizona) & ESPN 2
Devil Rays (No TV) @ Mariners (FSN Northwest)

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1:05 p.m. Toronto @ New York Yankees (Most of USA) ESPN
ESPN Classic (New York market) ESPN
7:05 p.m. Chicago White Sox @ Boston (Most of USA) ESPN2
7:10 p.m. Florida @ Cincinnati
(Cincinnati, Chicago and Boston markets)
ESPN2 will use a blackout lift in the Cincinnati market. ESPN2
10:05 p.m. San Francisco @ Arizona (Most of USA)
The start time has been changed from 6:35 p.m. PT to 7:05 p.m. PT (10:05 p.m. ET). ESPN2
Kansas City @ Anaheim (LA/ANA, AZ, KC and SF/OAK markets) ESPN2 will use a blackout lift in the Anaheim/Los Angeles market area and a carryback in the Kansas City market area. ESPN2
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