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Weird audio sounds

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I don't know where to search for this problem or what to search for. Periodically, the audio on an HD program briefly changes to a weird computer-like sound. I've seen threads that describe, static, popping and crackling to describe audio problems, but that's not how I would describe mine. It sounds more like I'm playing with digital audio on my computer, and slow it way down, or like I'm listening to garbled audio through a metal bucket.

My system was newly installed about 3 weeks ago. I've got an HR21-100 connected to Sony Bravia TV via HDMI. I have not done any troubleshooting such as turning off Dolby Digital. I haven't even tracked when it happens and on what channels. I've got a HD Receiver in another room attached to a Vizio, and I have not noticed the problem on that TV. However, I don't spend much time watching that TV.

So where do I begin to troubleshoot?
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Try another HDMI wire.Try hooking it up with component+RCA audio.
You might try checking your signal strengths. I have a strange sound come up on occasion (kinda a high pitch pop). It turns out to be a tree blowing into the signal path of 72.5. I didn't notice at the time because we only watch locals that have been recorded.

You might also start a log of when you experience it and what channel and tuner are being used. You should try a different audio setup first.
I had trouble like you described last year it was only on HD Doby Digital.When i turned off DD it was fine, they replaced my HR20-100 and that fixed it.
It was coming out of toslink plus analog RCA.
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