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I had an odd MLB EI issue happen to me yesterday. I recorded the Mets feed of the Mets/Brewers game, which started at 1 PM. I recorded it off the MLB EI channel, which has 6 hours blocked off for each game. I started watching the game at about 5:30 and it was a fine recording. At about 6:10, I inadvertantly hit the exit button, which is like hitting the stop button. I noticed in my playlist that the recording had stopped at 6 PM on the channel I was recording and started recording the Brewers feed. That was no big deal, the game should be over by 6 anyway. I went to resume the original recording and I got the black screen with the "Do you wish to delete" screen. Further investigation shows that the channel I was recording changed to a blacked out channel at 6 and a game search was done, which is why the Brewers feed started recording. After several tries, there was no way to get the game back. When I deleted it, the amount of free space went up about 10%, which is the normal amount a HD game takes up.

This brings up the following questions...

Why was a Mets/Brewers game marked as blacked out on the Mets feed when I live in Dallas?
Why would the black out start 5 hours into a 6 hour block for the game?
Why would the black out wipe out a good recording, which was obviously still there because the amount of space that was freed when I deleted it?
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