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I don't usually watch live tv except to watch football games. This weekend I was watching two games at the same time with the double play buffering both games so I could skip commercials. The games were on ESPN and ESPN2. Once I caught up with the live real feed the screen went black on both tuners. I thought if I turned the channel it would be fine but no matter which channel I would turn it on it still would be a black channel with no sound. Everything else was fine. I could bring up my playlist, the guide and any menu options. Eventually I had to red button reset and then everything was fine. This happened on the HR24 in my living room.

Then on Monday I was watching the game on ESPN on the HR24 in my bedroom and it did the same thing. This time I rewound a few seconds and I thought it fixed it. So I went to bed and the next day I went to watch some shows I recorded on Tuesday and once I started the playback the recorded show was black and asked me to delete the program. This did it on three separate shows all recorded on the same channel. I tried to watch the live feed but it was all black again and I had to restart the receiver.

So that is my problem. If anybody knows what is causing this, I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks in advance.
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