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Weird signal strength

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I recently installed a DP 301.

I began doing signal strength tests on various transponders.
The signal strengths looked to be pretty good on the first page of the signal strength application.
The signals were locked green , in the mid 90's and looked pretty good on the single bar on the 119 and 82 on 110.

When I went to the DISH 500 signal strength screen , the second page of the application, the one with two bars one for 110 and one for 119 the signal strength meters both 110 and 119 both started out about where single bar was at on their individual test, but then jumped wildly up and down.
The 110 degree bar started out about 82 and then jumped all the way up to the max 125. back down to 82 up to about 103 and continued up and down very erratically .
The 119 degree bar started out about 94 and then jumped to the max 125 back down to 93. 94 then back up to the max and back down.
They would not hold a fix on either high or low signal for any length of time at all. It would hold for approximately a fraction of a second or so then jump up and down .
I did soft boot, hard boot , smart card pull, switch tests multiple times each it would not correct itself at all.
The picture looks good on every channel that I looked at but the signal strength.

I then pulled the receiver to two more locations and the receiver still acted the same exact way.
The other receivers acted ok in the location where the suspected receiver was at as they did in their previous locations after being placed in the bad area.

The signal strength would hold and lock at a good signal on both 110 and 119 on the individual test with the single bar, but would not lock or stay steady on the Dish 500 page with the two bars. Continually jumping up and down erratically

Called DISH talked to CSR and Advanced technical and still did not correct the situation.
Any clues what is going on.
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Yes, it's called the DISH500 page has major issues on all receivers. Aim each satellite seperately.
I have also seen a defective LNB cause similar problems
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