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Last night at around 530pm CT, my H20 went 771, searching for sat signal on all satellite channels....OTA was fine. We were working in that room with drills and other equipment so i didnt really think anything of it. A couple hrs later i hit the red button and the channels came back. Meanwhile my HR-20 was fine downstairs.

Now tonight, roughly the same time, 530pm CT, it did it again, this time we werent working in the room or anything like that. So i red buttoned it right away and it came back only to go down again 5 min later. its back up now but im wondering why this is happening??!!

If anyone has any ideas let me know.
I live in the Chicago DMA and have an AT9 dish with the cable going straight from the dish to the box.


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Right. If it's a -600, that's a common symptom of overheating. Put a laptop cooler upside down on top of it, like a Targus PA248.
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