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Were you satisfied with picture quality during the Olympics?

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I haven't had Dish in a while so I was just wondering if they did improve the picture quality at all. I've switched to Comcast, and although the picture quality is better than I was getting on Dish, I'm still not satisfied with some of the programming.
It at least looks like they're at least smart enough to dedicate FULL bandwidth on some important programming though. I had a 4 hour chunk of Olympic HD coverage on my 160gb dual tuner HD DVR, and when I deleted it, I got 23% of my space back, so that looked like they were actually giving in the neighborhood of FIOS quality 19.39 Mbps full bandwidth HD for NBC coverage.
It's like I moved from a Horse Drawn Carrage to a Model T Ford, Now if I can just get Fiostv I'd move into the modern world, it's just too bad that my parents love Comcast so much that they won't make the the switch even when Verizon was giving away free tvs. I guess I'll have to wait till I move out after I graduate and get a career instead of my little Best Buy job. I really do prefer numbers to numbers (Mbps) comparisons rather than just looking by eye as numbers don't allow biases into the mix.
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My PQ looked great for the olympics here. I am glad that you found a service that makes you happy. Although, if I had a DVR that only held about 16 hrs of hd that would not sufficient for my needs.
jclewter79 said:
My PQ looked great for the olympics here. I am glad that you found a service that makes you happy. Although, if I had a DVR that only held about 16 hrs of hd that would not sufficient for my needs.
BTW, not all programming is 19.39 Mbps, some of the other HD stuff on Comcast is overcompressed. My dvr may hold like 40 or 50 Episodes of CSI Miami HD on A&E, and 1 hour SD shows only use 1% of the 160 gb hard drive.
My HD service from Dish looked exponentially better than my friend's Comcast HD service. That said, this is purely anecdotal. YMMV.
Satisfied? I guess it's a matter of perspective.

I'm an old guy who in Sacramento in 1951 watched a TV station in San Francisco showing live MacArthur's plane land in San Francisco, all on Hoffman TV with a small green screen offering a snowy picture using a 40' antenna. I thought then it was a miracle of modern science.

I'd have to say that at this point in my life I was more than impressed with the multiple NBCU channels HD offering live Olympics coverage from China through a series of satellites and ground stations presenting a truly sharp picture on my 42" Pany via a 722 which was recording everything so I could play it back.

Not that I don't expect Dish to keep improving things, but in my area the Comcast system can offer little in HD and I'm lucky they're even here so I have a high speed internet connection. The new AT&T and Verizon? The new AT&T, which is my land line phone service did not even bother to offer DSL in most of their rural service areas. (Commitment to universal service in the U.S.? That's a laugh.) Verizon, my cell phone provider? We're not even on their map for anything "wired." So yeah, I'm satisfied with the Dish picture quality.;)
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I actually had Dish installed about 1 week into the Olympics coverage. I converted from Charter HD without a cable box (using QAM tuners). I did notice slightly more tearing in the image on Dish than with Charter. However, I think it's more of a problem with the way our local affiliate re-broadcasts the NBC signal. The Olympics HD channels that we had with Dish I noticed better PQ than with the local NBC affiliate.
It was good on my recently downgraded 921, particularly on the OTA feed.
It all looked great to me; I watched NBC via OTA, but the HD satellite feeds looked practically just as good on my Pio Plasma. (VIP 622)

Pretty much a case of demonstrating why we have HD and expensive TV's.
The Olympics in HD looked fantastic on all of the NBC HD channels during the Olympics for me. I suffered absolutely no tearing or loss of signal during the entire games.

Prior to the Olympics I even upgraded my audio system to a new Pioneer system and Klipsch speakers and the investment was well worth it.

I only wish the competition lasted longer... Oh well, Football season is here and I get to see some really good games in HD and with the new sound system, it really brings out the best during the games.
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