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Sorry to descent here, but I gave the show a gigantic raspberry at the end. It would have been fine as a 5 minute snippet to show how accurate the portrayal of the process in the show is to reality. But other than that, it was (as the Simpsons call them) a lousy clip show! It was a way for NBC to get a not all new "All New Episode" cheap.

Then I had the problem with "equal time". Here I go bringing politics into a show that did its darndest to keep partisanship out of it. But I couldn't help to notice that out of all the people interviewed on the show, 3 were Republicans.

And then there is the REAL reason I didn't like the show: If I wanted a documentary on the White House, I would have tuned to PBS or Discovery! I wanted entertainment. This didn't fit the bill. At the very least do not call the show a West Wing episode! Bait and switch. :)

See ya
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