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I just upgraded my internet to Time Warner Road Runner Basic to RR Turbo. I also upgraded my modem to a Motorola SurfBoard SB6141. I also have a Linksys E3000 Router. I purchased a while back a WET610N Wireless bridge and have it connected to my Directv HD-DVR HR23-700. Every once in a while the wireless connection go out and I have to re-connect. The Bridge is upstairs about 60 feet away from the router.

Can someone tell me why I maybe losing the signal?

Thank you,

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You didn't say if you were using the N band but I assume so for video. . . I used a WET610n a couple of years ago very successfully for MRV. I still use it but it's linked to a power meter, not very much bandwidth.

It has a Site Survey that shows signal strengths (in %) -- Check that as you try different positions of the WET or the router if possible. Sometimes moving one or the other 5 or 6' or changing orientation can have a big difference.

Also check that your encryption matches exactly with the router. . . the WET allows WPA2 Personal with TKIP or AES or AES only.

Download 'inSSIDer' (thanks VOS!) to check if there may be other strong channel usage in your area. Change to a channel less used.
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