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What are my Slimline installation options?

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I'm ready to make the upgrade to HD. Since I currently have the 18" round dish, I'm going to need to replace it with a Slimline. Though I don't intend to do the installation myself, I want to know my options before I have an installer come out so I can be prepared.

The attached picture shows my current 18" dish mount/setup. The mount and mast are from my old Dish 500 from my Dish Network days. When I switched to DIRECTV, the reflector and LNB were replaced but not the mount and mast. Will I be able to do this again with the Slimline (reuse the mount and mast) or does the Slimline require a different sized mast?

If I need to replace the mount and mast, will I be still be able to have it mounted to the fascia like the current dish or will some other setup be required? If the fascia mount won't work, what options do I have? I really do not like the idea of roof penetration, so would like to try to avoid installing it on the roof if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


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mounts/dish are all larger.
about 20 minutes ago I watched a fascia mount (with support going to roof) blow off a roof down the road. this was a 3 lnb D* dish which is smaller than the new au9s dishes. messy now.
its only gusting about 30 -35 mph today.
You will not be able to use the same mast, as Slimline needs 2" OD. Also Slimline is much heavier than your current dish, and I believe the "foot" on the bottom is also larger. I would not be a fan of attaching it anywhere on that vinyl siding either. I would suggest a pole mount in the ground, at the same corner of the house.
Just an FYI, DirecTv has moved Slimline fascia mounts into the QC auto fail category.
That fascia board isn't really strong enough anyway, and there are no supporting rafters behind it. IMO, you should go with a pole mount. The dish will be aiming the same way your current dish does, but, standing under the dish, it will also need to have 20 degrees to the right clear to see 110 and 119.

Get an 8-10' piece of 2" OD pipe from a muffer shop (most 2" pipe is 2" ID and 2 3/8" OD, which won't work) and use 3 bags of concrete.
Thank you all for the feedback. It has given me some good ideas.
Be prepared to pay for the polemount. If they are not required for LOS they are not part of a standard install and hence require a custom charge.
A suggestion I'd make, though it may be a cosmetic issue... but I'd think about putting a 2x6 across your facia boards at the point of your roof where the two facias meet, at the peak of your roof. Create an "A". That way, the installer can mount the larger base of the Slimline dish on the 2x6 and the support brackets can go on the facia. If you'd like to do that, just have a 2x6 painted and ready to go.

The installer may have ideas as they do this thing all the time. There are good installers out there everyday, we just don't hear about them as they go about their rutine. It's the bad ones we hear about. RobertE, while I've never witnessed his stuff, is a premier installer and takes pride in his work. We could use more like him. :up:
IMO, it would be better on a pole just in front of the wall, unless there are LOS issues. In that position, the dish would be pretty sheltered from the wind and not likely to get blown around.

On the peak of the roof, it's gonna get the brunt of all bad weather, and that could be a problem.
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