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What are your favorite and Least Fav SKY ANGEL Channels?

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I like the Audio channels....WAY FM, RADIO U, PULSE FM, AIR 1.
TV I like......Music Video channels and some shows on Liberty Channel and other old TV shows. Some of the Preaching shows ain't bad either. What are you favorites or least favorites?
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I like Familyland. It has a great mix of "real" programming as well as spiritual programming and the "preacher at the pulpit" (Or in their case, Father at the Lecturn) programs are kept to a minimum. I also like Safe TV mostly for their DW parogramming.

I dislike none of the channels specifically. I just wish that there would be more "family friendly programming" as is advertised by Sky Angel and less "Bible Thumping"

See ya
Well I think I have an idea why there is more "bible thumping" type programming than necessary on Sky Angel. The nature of the service is that it's made up of many Christian TV stations from around the country. There aren't many channels that I would describe as "cable/satellite networks".

In each case, the station tends to be *the* Christian TV station for their local area and therefore end up carrying many of the national ministry programs because no one else in the community can or will. This results in most of the national ministry shows being available at roughly 6,000 time slots per day and/or week for us lucky Sky Angel viewers. ;)

The other thing is that true "family friendly" programming is few and far between these days, and Sky Angel wants to be a platform or a conduit, not a producer of programming (at least, not to a large extent).

Efforts made to carry more family programming haven't panned out so far. AIN changed dramatically after it was added, so it had to be dropped, and FamilyNet got switched to an affiliate.

Here's hoping Benny Hinn will have a diverse mix of programming on his new "Health and Healing Channel". From the sound of it, this should be something useful to have, but only if it does indeed contain a good amount of health info, shows with doctors and nutritionists, etc. By the way, I also hope that these shows will truly be about helping people. I know these stations need to make money but I'd appreciate seeing some health shows that aren't a sales pitch for expensive vitamins.
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