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Even though some of the new show's haven't been on yet, I wanna know what everyone thing's so far. I here's what I got:

Cedric The Enterainer: Watched 5 minutes, and that was 5 minutes too much. I think it's pure crap.

Fastlane: Well, it's good. Depends on how it's played out, depends on it's life line. I'll end up watching it if I can't find anything else.

Firefly: Missed the first 15 minutes, so I have no clue how it start's. It's good right now. To me it seem's like a Gen. X "Star Trek". But doesn't seem like something I'll watch alot, if at all.

John Doe: Well with just one ep. I am hooked. Which doesn't happen to often. It's like The Pretender (sp?) with something else mixed in, but can't but my finger on it. A friend said it might be the new X-Files, well to replace it anyway. He did say being on Friday it might not do good. But, they might pull an X-Files with it and send it to Sunday.

So, what's everyone else think?

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I saw about ten minutes of Firefly & just couldn't run with it. Maybe I'm too old. It seemed a bit shallow. As for John Doe, I too am hooked. At times, I admit it is a bit contrived but it did keep my attention. The bit where someone recognizes him at the end really made me want to see it again.

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i hope john doe doesn't suffer the same fate as nowhere man and the pretender, which both started off with interesting concepts, only to go off in ALL(i mean ALL) directions when either the ratings or the imaginations of the producers didn't carry on thru the premise...on something like this, the folks in charge really need to sit down and decide where the story ends up(i'm voting for something akin to "demon with a glass hand" myself)....

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer was and continues to be a cool show from the first episode. Firefly is not. I'd rather watch Lexx or Farscape. Fastlane is a cool show. As is John Doe. Just my opinion. Also wish networks would show these programs in widescreen as they did with Firefly.
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The GOOD :righton: -
John Doe
Push, Nevada (aka Twin Peaks Lite)

The MIDDLE :shrug: -
The new new Twilight Zone

The AWFUL :ewww: -
Family Affair (my wife was disappointed, I had no interest to begin with :p )

The Yet-to-be-determined :confused: -
CSI: Miami (looks like a winner though)
Without a Trace
Robbery Homicide Division
Birds of Prey (please let it not suck)

New shows not listed here = no interest

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I have high hopes for Firefly. First show was ok, not great, but has the potential for getting better. I think the actor that plays Mal needs more work in the comedic area - his attempts at one-liners didn't go well.

John Doe was pretty cool but unless the writers do a better-than-average job this will get stale fast.
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