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What do I want?

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I currently have 3 HR23 receivers which I was interested in upgrading to HR24 boxes because of a speed issue, where the remote becomes unresponsive and takes a long time to switch channels. I have seen others with the same problem, and I believe changing to the newer receiver will help, based on what I have read. The people at directv are telling me it will cost something per receiver plus they are saying I need to pay for a service call to plug them in??? My current receivers were put in about 3 years ago and I already have a modern dish and a swm. They are telling me I will get a much better deal if I let them upgrade to a whole-home setup. I assume they are going to swap an HR34 in, but what else? Will I have 2 HR23 receivers and one HR34? How will that work? Do I need to have an internet connection at one of the receivers? Or, at the splitter? It seems that if I have 2 HR23 boxes still in the system, I will have the same speed problem? I would like whatever help you can provide, because I feel like I'm at a big disadvantage talking to a sales rep who is pushing what he or she is told to push today, when I have no knowledge to make intelligent choices.
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The only box they will guarantee is the 34. The only option at replacing the other boxes is to go to a regular receiver, or to go with C31s which do not have tuners themselves, but use one from the 34 for live TV, but have pause/ rewind live functionality.

You can keep the 23s and have the 34, but the speed on those won't improve if you already have native off etc.
"richk" said:
Thank you. What functions will I lose with C31? I realize programs would not be stored locally, but would be in the HR34. Would things like "previous chanel" work? Double play? What about multiple TVs with different "best" settings?
It does do doubleplay.

Check out this thread, and the first look in the first post.
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