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What HD programming NOT available via Slimline-3

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(a debate about this broke out the other day and was wondering the 'real' truth) :)

Are there any HD channels NOT available via the slm-3 (99/101/103) sats thus requiring the slimline-5 (99/101/103/110/119) LNB's?


PS: I suppose this can change daily but I would imagine some general rule from Directv on this.
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Pretty much international stuff, other than some of the sonic tap channels. You can look at the transponder map that gct puts out in the tips and resources subforum. The current one is a sticky.
"RVRambler" said:
Thanks, that is what I suspected but did not know if some of the sports packages use 110 or 119.

IOW, nothing that most ppl would want or could easily live w/o! :)
It's by design. The 3 LNB is the standard install these days. The biggest effect I've seen in the past is the Christmas music sonic tap channel isn't usually accessible from one until Thanksgiving, some like it before that. I didn't like that that the Jazz channel isn't accessible, but that's what Pandora is for.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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