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What is a GAY-B0-A and why are they so bad ??

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hi, i am news to directv and i dont know what to buy. A friend said this is the place to ask.What exactly is a gay bowa and why are they so bad. Is this some reciever i should not buy.I hear that HUGHES makes the worse reciever on earth, is this one of them, should i request rca maybe. Is thomson the same as RCA ? but what is a gayb0a??
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A Gay Boa is an alternative lifestyles practicing species of constrictor (no offense intended to any gay snakes out there).

A GAEBO or GAEBO-A (pronounced GAYBO or GAYBOA, easier then reciting all the letters one at a time) are models of Directv receivers (D* for short) manufactured by Hughes.

Personally I like the Hughes Receivers. See other threads for my explanation of why.

RCA is a division of Thomson consumer electronics.


I have had RCA and Mitsubishi (made by Hughes) standard receivers, and I preferred the RCA (I kept the Mitsubishi because it had DD output). I preferred the remote and the on-screen guide, but that is just a personal preference. Hughes also manufactures the Sony standard receivers as well.

I have read bad things about the GAEBO on both this forum and the DBSForums.com website. I also read there that a software patch will be sent via satellite to those receivers by the 15th. I don't know if they are the worst receiver on earth (read the Dish PVR area of this forum :)). I haven't had any problems with my Mitsubishi, but YMMV.

I now have two RCA UTV receivers and they work great.
in my opinion,Hughes makes the best units.ch access,guides are superior to all others.
Where can we get screen shots of the different interfaces?

I had E* for a couple years and had D*for a year or so when they first launched.

I had bottom of the line receivers for both.
I would not agree....I have Hughes & Sony and the Sony, albeit it quite older than the Hughes is a far superior unit in speed and guide....the remote is a better build as well.....The Hughes is ok, just the Sony is much better constructed.....
Sony doesn't make their own receivers anymore. All new ones are made by Hughes. Build quality should be equal...
I have had 3 RCA receivers pass through my hands. They are not really total pieces of crap, they are quite passable for basic receivers.

However they are extremely slow, which is my main problem with them. I heard the hughes and samsung are faster. I am going to try one of those as soon as I get the chance.
Originally posted by James_F
Sony doesn't make their own receivers anymore.

I do understand that....

All new ones are made by Hughes. Build quality should be equal...
Nope....not even close.....not in any form......Passable yes....Since they were free, I dont have any real complaints.....But the same in build quality as the Sony....no way....
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