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What is the Ferrite core do on the SONY plug and play?

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What is the Ferrite core do in the SONY plug and play:shrug:
I have no idea what it's fore but the FCC says you need it. :sure:
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Originally posted by Scott Greczkowski
I did not know that the Delphi had them too. :) No place in my area had the car kits (and now no one has the Delphis eaither)

I went into Best Buy and the clerk said he wishes people would stop asking him about the SkyFi's! He said thats all people have been asking for all day!

This is a good thing for XM!
I think that once this XM thing really catches on , AM and FM will really be in trouble and have every reason to be nervous.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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