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First of all I apologise. I looked and tried various approaches in this website. I shall be as brief as possible. I had been surfing the web to find a tool I need to create good satellite TV cable connections. Believe it or not, I did not see that tool on eBay, on Amazon, on the various TV and electrical tool website. I did see a video showing how to install a connector, and such a tool was lying on the demonstrator's table. I came across this website which looked interesting and I registered.
The tool is sometimes called a spacer and is used to open up a space between the outer skin of an RJ59 or RJ6 cable (after baring 1/4" of the core and 1/4" of the next insulating layer, baring the foil and trimming the mesh). Some connectors need to have the tubular part forced in between the foil and the mesh. The tool can be in the form of a tube, one end is tapered and used to wedge its way in. It has a cross member for the installer to grasp, twist and open up a space between the foil and the mesh. I am sure it has other forms. The wedge expands the outer layer, allowing the tube which is part of the connector to be shoved in till the core sticks out of the connector and the white insulating material is just visible in the center hole of the connector.
What is the proper technical name for that tool and where do I buy it? Thank you and if you'll kindly direct me what forum to go to, I'll be out of your hair.

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wildhobo said:
Thank you very much. Having the proper technical name for tools makes all the difference between homing in directly on the solution and floundering around.
I regret I did not know which forum to contact for that information
As you can see, here gets more eyes on your question than where you started.
"As they say"... no biggie and now you have your answer.
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