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Hi Jeanne, Welcome to DBSTalk. :)

I just wanted to let ya know, I use to live down near your area in North Georgia, I lived in Towns County, Hiawassee. :)
Boy, I sure miss those North Ga. mountains. I've got alot of family in Notheast Ga. :)

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Cinemagic is the channel that is the most unique. I have been using it as my audio in my theater before movies and shows start. It gives your that Ritzy Hollywood feel.

My only complaint about it is they only seem to have a small collection of movies they pull from, I hear clips and music from Titanic and Star Wars a few times a day (Although different clips and music)

I found out the other day that the company I work for hosts the XM Repeater for Central Connecticut on RattleSnake Mountain. I plan on going up there one weekend and taking some pictures of the XM Repeater Equipment.

BTW :hi: Welcome to Jblaze and Cabinwood! If you guys have any suggestions for our satellite radio forum please let us know!
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