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ok, so i just bought a new home which is in need of some serious updateing, and well their needs to be a wiring closet put in. So what racks, patch panels, splitters and such does everyone reccomend. And what components should be wired into the closet and mounted here and what components should be mounted elsewhere. As i do work, how much should be done to add whole house audio and ir controllers to each area of the home..........

I am planning on doing full renovation at some point. The goal i am trying to achive is total automation and full future capabilities.

I am looking at doing full audio to every room, voice and data, and satellite/catv to every wall in each bedroom and key walls in great room, kitchen and the finsihed basement.

By trade i design high speed data networks, so i have no trouble with this, and considering the basement has a full drop ceiling currently its going to make it real easy. I am planning on having all the wiring going to a centralized CPI relay rack. My goal is for each location to pull 2/3 cat5e/6 pulls, and 3 RG6, so i can have 1 voice line, 1 data, one for someting like a leviton media extender using cat5, 2 cables for satellite and 1 for OTA . Since each room hopefully will have a dvr. I dont think i want my components centralized and having them in each location is ok, do you agree? I think for audio ill have all the wiring go to a central location but be fed out of my Home theater location using IR. I have no knowledge of IR, nor whole house audio. I was thinking of using a leviton decora media system hub to allow for rebroadcast from my HT area to each room. along with the leviton decora digital audio system. I also plan on istalling cameras at both enties into the house etc.

I am most familiar with leviton products as thats what i use everyday, along with the cisco networks i design.

I will have 3 bedrooms, living room, finish basement family room, kitchen, and eventually extend something out to my detached garage so when im out tinkiering.

my basement HT area has the following:

Panasonic Professional 42Inch plasma display with SVGA, Composite video, RCA inputs and S-video I have 1 slot left i could put DVI or HDMI into. I only use the s-video and SVGA inputs. Will have a HR20 Directv HD DVR reciever, It currenlty has a R15 DVR. I have an HP Z555 Digital Entertainment PC, which i am looking to add my older Sony B55 Rcvr to, so i can store some stuff on DVD. I also have yes a HIFI vr and a Kenwood VR7070 HT reciever.

Each of the other rooms will have a combination of r15 dvr, HDVR2 units or Sat B55.

My Rack area will have the following network components. an HP Proliant ML350 server running Windows 2003 Server, an Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switch, a Cisco 1841 Router with Broadband Wic, firewall Feature Set, VPN Feature Set and also A WIFI Network Interface WIC.

I also have a Spaun 5x8 Dtv unit, but if I go HD and wish to also have OTA, im guessing i should go with the zinwell the wb616 switch, and then go with a stuctured media ota splitter to keep everything neet.

Im thinking of using the Leviton Quickport Patch Panels, so i can snap in the modules i need, as well as adding a Structure Media Center 420 into everything as well. I am pretty handy so i dont think ill have any trouble etc.

Just really lookng for some HT guidance.

I am just looking to keep it all neat.

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