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What league is in the most trouble?

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Financially, morally, any other way, out of the four professional leagues, which league do you guys think is the worst, which is the best? My worst is the NBA. Prima-dona over-paid, over-tattooed twenty somethings, thrust into higher tax brackets right off the playground courts. Slam-dunking babies with one eye on the stat sheets, the other on their investment portfolio. More and more yuppie owners like that idiot in Dallas who is paying as much in fines this year as his team payroll. The star players don't even want to play in their own All-star game. Please...where's a good work-stoppage when you need one? TV ratings are going down the toilet from what I hear.

It seems like all the major professional sports are in some sort of mess, except for the NFL.
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Baseball and Hockey.

I state baseball because of the fact they are so set with economic disparity. When they try to "level the playing field", they avoid the fact that it's FIANCIALLY where they need to fix things, not competition wise. If they fixed the economics, the competition would take care of itself. Unfortunately, they haven't, and Savage Capitalism rules.. They don't try to compete on the playing field alone with fellow owners. They try to put there fellow owners out of business. Hardly an instituion that shows a lot of unity.

Hockey: America still has to embrace the game. Attendance is down in traditional cities and marketing the league has always been poor. It's in a sad state under Gary Bettman. They signed a TV deal that put tons of games on cable, and was supposed to put several on ABC. That number is 4 total. How can you market your league to the masses if only 4 games are going to be shown on network television?
Wo1 Mark Cuban is the best thing to happen to the league since Michael Jordan got the ratings up with the Bulls. You will see more owners like Mark in the coming years in all sports.

MLB is in the most trouble and the NFL is doing the best. Until baseball divides the revenue the same way as the NFL then it will continue in downward spiral. How can there not be a lockout/strike after this season?

NHL doesn't have much interest in the USA. The networks (in this case ABC) can't afford to put more games on during the year. It doesn't make economical sense.

NBA is not in as much trouble, but certainly the ratings are not what they used to be. The Eastern Conference (where the writers live, die, breathe, write, talk about, dream about) is stinking up a major storm this year, so the writers drill it into everyone's heads and then no one watches.
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