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What new features would you like to see?

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What new features would you like to see on this site such as the ones that we have seen lately that were just added?
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1. DBSTalk Games area.

2. DBSTalk Instant Messenger.

3. DBSTalk Casino.

4. DBSTalk Sports, live up-to-the-minute sports scores from around the globe.

5. DBSTalk Jukebox, featuring 30 CD-quality radio stations, with CD burning capabilities.

Just kidding! :D I think we all need to give Scott a break, he's been doing a great job with the site lately and instead of asking him for more features, we should be thanking him for all the effort he's put in to all the features that are here already.
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i would like a different moderator to come to my house each weekend and wash my cars and mow my grass...
Maybe this capability is there already but I don't know how to use it. I'd like to subscribe to some of the forums and not others then when I used the read new posts command I wouldn't have to wade through the posts I wasn't interested in. If possible tell me how; if not, it would be my suggestion.

Great job guys!!

If you will tell us in advance which posts don't interest you,
we will PM the member beforehand and ask him not to post
what he was thinking about posting.

Always happy to be of service! :D
:lol: ......pay no attention to Nick.......:D

Larry you can subscribe to a Forum or even to a Thread.

Click on the Forum or Thread and take a look at the bottom of the page, you will see the subscribe feature......it's in small print, it's easy to overlook.

You can also click on the "user cp" and see all the Forums and Threads you subscribed to.
Yup thats how you do it.

As far as adding new features I am always looking out for the latest and the greatest, I want to install new features which are usefull, and I try to stay away from the ones that make your screens look all cluttered and ugly looking. :D
I thought there was already an instant messaging service on this board, or is it not instant?
There is an it is almost instant, its called Private Messaging. (Or PM's for short.

Notice almost everyone has a pm icon under their posts. Click on this and send that person a message, if they are online they will get a notification they have a new message!

If they are offline they will be allerted to a new pm the next time they come online (and also some users get an email letting them know that they got a PM here)
How does the message pop up? Is it to where you have to check it like you do email on the main page where it says if you have messages or not? What if someone does not know to look there if they have a new message if this is the case?
A box will pop up and say something to the effect of

You have a private message, would you like to view it now.
The box won't instantly pop up.... it will appear on a refresh or a new page open. If you were to sit on a page and not do anything, you wouldn't know.

At least, that's my observation.
scott, mowing my lawn IS useful....

so would printing money to pay my satellite bill...lol

(hey-i'm just trying to think of REALLY USEFUL APPLICATIONS HERE!!!)
I love jacks idea!:lol:

How about putting every channel on this planet on your website, for example I would pick a channel i want to watch for free and watch it. ;) :lol:

Anyways, great job guys! :goodjob: Keep it up!
"almost instant" :confused: Another oxymoron!
<Serious suggestion - nothing humorous here>

I would life to have the ability to search within a thread.
This would be handy in looking through long threads, like game
threads, for a particular word, thread or post or poster.

Do you think this is feasible?

Nick :cool:
Hmm I would have to look into this.

Never say never! :)
Yes it can be done, and YES I am putting it in now. :D
Ok it's in! Take a look at the bottom of the threads you can now search, you can also show posts in the thread from users by clicking the pull down list next to the work 'from'

To search you just type the word you are searching for in the thread. :)

Another user request put in motion by your friends here at DBStalk.COM!
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