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What Programming do you have & How much do you spend ?

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How much are you spending ? Does anyone pay annual?

AT 150 (I like 9 promo) $21.99
Locals 5.99
additional Rec. 4.99
Dish Entertainment Magazine 3.95
Total $36.92 :)

After 1 year $55.92 :(
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Okay...since I have cable. Here's what I get:

(2) WIPB-49 (PBS)
(3)Local Advertising
(4)WTTV-4 (WB)
(6)WRTV-6 (ABC)
(8) WISH-8 (CBS)
(9)WHMB-40 (LeSea)
(10) WNDY-23 (UPN)
(11) WXIN-59 (FOX)
(12) WTHR-13 (NBC)
(14) C-SPAN
(15)C-SPAN 2
(16) QVC
(17) Trinity Broadcasting
(18) WTHR Sky Trak Radar
(19) Home Shopping Network
(20) WFYI-20 (PBS)
(22) WGN-9
(23) TV Guide Channel
(24) USA
(25) The Weather Channel
(26) ESPN
(27) ESPN2
(28) Discovery
(29) Lifetime
(30) Animal Planet
(31) MTV
(32) BET
(33) VH-1
(34) CNN
(36) CNBC
(37) Nick
(38) The Disney Channel
(39) A&E
(40) History
(41) WTBS
(42) TNT
(43) AMC
(44) ABC Family Channel
(45) Cartoon Network
(46) Food Network
(47) Learning Channel
(48) Home and Garden
(49) E!
(50) Comedy Central
(51) MSNBC
(52) Fox News Channel
(53) Fox Sports Midwest
(54) FX
(55) Bravo
(56) Speed
(57) TNN
(58) TV Land
(59) CMT
(60) EWTN
(61) Travel Channel
(62) Sci-Fi
(100-103) Insight INDEMAND
(207) IFC
(208) Lifetime Movie Network
(209) WE
(210) TCM
(211) Sundance Channel
(225) CNNFN
(226) CNBC World
(227) Bloomberg
(228) ESPN Classics
(229) ESPN News
(230) Fox Sports World
(231) Golf Channel
(232) Outdoor Life
(233) Inspirational Life
(234) TechTV
(235) Game Show Network
(236) Nick Games and Sports
(237) Discovery Civilization
(238) E! Style
(240) MTV 2
(250) Discovery Kids
(251) Discovery Home and Leisure
(252) Discovery Science
(253) Discovery Wings
(254) Nick West
(255) Noggin
(256) Toon Disney
(257) Discovery Health
(258) Ovation
(259) DIY
(260) History International
(261) Biography
(262) BBC Americas
(263) Court TV
(300) HBO
(301) HBO Plus
(302) HBO Signature
(303) HBO Family
(304) HBO Comedy
(305) HBO Zone
(306) HBO Latino
(400-408 INDEMAND PPV)

What will be my cost per month for all this? $88.06. This price is almost the same I paid for DirecTV (excluding the sports subscriptions I paid for in the past: NFLST, NBALP, MLBEI, and NHLCI). Three of the packages will be available to me next year (the lone unavailable one will be NFLST).
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Okay, this has been brought up before but it's been awhile so here goes:

AT 50
Locals + Superstations
Showtime (For Showtime HD)

About $80 a month. I used to subscribe to the everything package but realized I never watched many of the channels and narrowed it down. The only channel I really miss is techTV.
Forgot to add these channels that come in the Insight Movie Pack:

(200) Encore
(201) Encore Action
(202) Encore Love Stories
(203) Encore Mysteries
(204) Encore True Stories
(205) Encore Westerns
(206) WAM!

(Insight does not group the Encore channels as Premium channels, so they are put in a separate Movie pack)

I do not get the SkinMax, Showtime, and the Starz packages. Here's what Insight offers of those packages:

SkinMax (aka CineMax):

(315) CineMax
(316) MoreMax
(317) Action Max
(318) Thriller Max


(325) Showtime
(326) Showtime 2
(327) Showtime 3
(328) Showtime Extreme
(329) Showtime Beyond
(330) The Movie Channel
(331) The Movie Channel 2
(332) Flix


(345) Starz!
(346) Black Starz!
(347) Starz! Cinema
(348) Starz! Family
(349) Starz! Theater
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Here's mine:

Locals + Superstations
HBO package
Showtime package
2 add'l receiver fees (I have 3 in service)
$1.99/mo warrentee

Mine is somewhere around $80 as well...
AT 150- $40.99
Supers- $4.99
2nd IRD- $4.99
Total- $50.97

used to be $33.98 when we had AT100 (back when it was $28.99) and the second reciever fee, but then we added the supers and a few months after AT150 was introduced we upgraded to that.
I'm on a Digital Home Plan, so here goes...

Sacramento Locals
One 501 receiver, two 301 receivers
$71 per month
This was how much I spent with Pegasus ("I hate those guys. I really hate those guys"--Eric Cartman :) ). This is just for comparison purposes only since I am with cable now:

Total Choice Plus--with HBO and locals---------$56.99

Sports Pack------------------------------------$10.00

Monthly Receiver Charge------------------------$ 9.98

DirecTV The Guide------------------------------$ 9.99

(Guide Subscription Payments End 5/02)

Taxes------------------------------------------$ 7.00

(Average) _____________

$ 89.96

Note: I was a Pegasus subscriber until two days ago. If you are a regular DirecTV sub, be happy and pat yourself on the back. Why? You paid three bucks less per month than a Pegasus subscriber because you are not living in a NRTC area. Doncha feel better already? :D
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Also, I need to note that I was a sports package sub nut. I subbed to the NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, and also MLB Extra Innings. You can imagine how much money I am saving now just because I am back with cable and also not paying for the packages right now. So, instead of paying less for cable by a few bucks, I am now saving roughly around forty bucks a month or more due to I am not subbing to the sports packages. My biggest bill from Pegasus was on November, 2001 for $192.00 for paying for the Total Choice; HBO; Locals; Family Pack; NBA League Pass; and the NHL Center Ice.

Next time you look at your bill and see how low your bill is, you can feel relief that you didn't have a Brian Rector moment. :D
Hey Mark H. That's my home town. How are things in good old Sacto?
Uh, let see here....

The Kings are still the best team in the NBA, three games ahead of the Lakers, and still only one loss at home.

Soltys committed suicide in his jail cell last week. Ironically, he was captured less than one mile away from my home.

And, of course, the usual mess at the capital.

In other words, nothing much.
That's great that the Kings are doing well. It would be nice if they went all the way this year.
Here is what I have:

Total Choice Plus w/locals. . . $39.99
UltiamteTV Service (2 receivers) . . $9.95
Add'l Receiver . . $4.99
Add'l Reciever . . $4.99

Total . . $59.92

With the recent realignment of DirecTV services, I actually went from $62.92 to $59.92, so I actually came out ahead.

Lets see here....

Dish Network

Americas Everything Pack - $72.95
4 receivers $14.97
Superstations $ 4.96
Total to Dish per Month $94.94


DirecTV Limited & Music Choice $11.60 a month.


I dont have the details in front of me, but I beleive I pay somewhere arounf $17 a month (which equals about $25 a month Canadian)

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AT150 - $39.99
KTLA - $1.50
total - $41.49
Whatever's free for sports/networks programs = $0.00

Sports Pack = $10.00
6 extra receivers = $ 4.99 X 6 = $29.94
Local Networks/WABC = $ 7.16

$ 47.10 + EI package shortly

Supers/Local Networks soon to be starting on Dish during baseball season on one receiver.
AT150 40.99
Sports 4.99
HBO 13.99
xtra Receiver 4.99
supers & Minn 7.99
Salt Lake 4.99

Around $80.00 with tax
ATL locals
2 xtra recievers
My DirecTV subscription, as of March 4, 2002:

A. Total Choice Plus (with locals), $39.99
B. HBO, $12.00
C. Cinemax, $10.00
D. Playboy TV, $15.99 (if memory of price serves me correctly)

Total per month: $77.98. (I admit the price is steep!)

This is just one TV. And I should say that I alter my subscriptions from time to time. For example, sometimes I have Playboy, sometimes Showtime, and sometimes Starz! and Encore channels. And sometimes I do without any of those four.

Just curious as to what you enjoy watching on Expressvu. It seems many are posting $80 a month for T.V. If it sounds " a little steep" you can imagine what Canadians are thinking, like... $80 U.S. = $125 CAN . Attention any one living in the following areas: Seattle, Spokane, Boston, Buffalo and Detroit....you may want to look into getting a Canadian system.
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