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what remote code to use with sony vl600?

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3214 is only directv number i can find in the manual and it's not working

I guess the DTV protection plan should get me a new remote but i dont feel like calling at the moment so i'm trying to use the sony to make the tv watchable

any way to use HDTIVO remotes with hr20 maybe?

without a working hr20 remote i dont see how i can even program the sony

I assume there's no chance this is a receiver software issue right? past few weeks i had to reboot a few times and the remote got really unresponsive at times. And the receiver has frozen up for no reason at all. right in the middle of watching a movie or it's frozen and not responded to any button presses

edit...they said try the 00001 code trick in addition to the 981 i already did but nothing..they said 3 days from fedex id get one. Didnt mention return of old one..do they want it back?
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it's at IR after doing all those codes and i checked in the menu too

so how would the sony remote work with the vl600?
oops, yes i meant use sony with the dvr...and i cant use the sat button since it's all customized to my tivo 1 but cleared out the dvd button and 3214 still didnt work. I just want list and play to work..really dont even need FF etc.

sticker is worn away. I went thru the menu manually and confirmed again it's in IR mode. However your instructions didnt make the remote work.

on a whim, i decided to try to set up the white remote to work with my tv. I actually was able to switch it to TV and get it to control the volume after entering the right code

I'm sure this 'diagnostic' means something but i am not sure what.

And i'm confused that you told me to make sure it's in IR mode, which i did. Then your instructions say this is to marry in RF mode

also what would make this remote all of a sudden not work. Nothing has changed in the house as far as appliances etc.

regarding the sony remote:

i even tried the procedure of pressing ch up and power to see if i could stumble on the code by accident and didnt. But i did see one of the hdtivos blink lol. Thankfully didnt mess anything up though. After over a hundred or so clicks, i gave up.

there's no chance it's the HR20 is there? id hate to lose my otherwise pretty good machine and i have tons of stuff on it
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post 9 worked!!!!!

so what does this mean? Is the IR part of the remote bad and that the new remote will work?

I was worried when i got the remote to work my tv volume, i knew it was sending out 'something'.

Thanks very much.

and for the fun of it im trying to get the vl600 to work with it but i am not having much luck. I've tried deleting the dvd and cd buttons and no luck. Sat is already programmed to the hdtivo so i'm not messing with it. I guess i wont push my luck
gosh i dont know what made it work, i just followed your instructions exactly and it worked! :) I guess i could 981 it and try it again but to be honest i'm a bit worried it wouldnt work again lol. So ill leave good enough alone.

i wont exchange the receiver, otherwise it works relatively well. and it's less than 1 yr old. However wasnt it weird that when in IR mode the remote slowly degraded then finally kaput! I guess the 'eye' is gone per this outcome though.

so in theory, when i get this new remote, it wont work since it's in RF mode right? can you tell i dont know the difference between ir and rf :)
got the directv new remote yesterday...as expected, it doesnt work..so i guess the IR sensor on the HR20 is 100% fried.

too bad they arent replaceable :) Otherwise i'm pretty happy with the machine..would DTV even give me a refurb if i wanted it since i do have the protection plan or would they say ok the IR is broke, you can have the refurb unit?

and whats the diff between RF and IR and i guess i got lucky the unit has both eh?
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