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What should I do now?

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I'll try to keep this short, but I am in a weird situation. If you have the patience, please read.

I have one R15 (owned) that has stopped working, connected to a SD+ (600 line) TV.
I have a Samsung HD receiver (owned) connected to a Samsung HD TV.
I have the 3lnb dish from about 4 years ago.
I DO NOT subscribe to HD services, instead using the Samsung for OTA locals, basically for watching local sports. I am not under a commitment.

Right before the R15 died last week, D* called and offered to upgrade the Samsung HD receiver and dish for free. I was assured 'no cost'. I set this up for Saturday.

I just called them to check because you folks told me they would automatically add the HD service with the activation. The woman I spoke with said this is true.

I said I don't object (now that they have more than a few channels for the $10), but if I am paying for HD I would want a HD DVR, not just a receiver. She basically said it is a separate promotion. I would have to cancel the free upgrade this Saturday and schedule a DVR upgrade for $199 (probably plus install, but we didn't get that far). Then she did some checking and offered me the $99.00 HDDVR price that is on their website for loyal customers, but implied it would still have installation because of the dish and would be a few weeks out.

When I suggested that since I am under no commitment, and all my D* equipment is either broken or soon to be obsolete, that maybe I should look at other options like Dish or cable she said "What do you want to do". I said as a 10 yr customer maybe I needed to speak with someone in customer retention. She turned into a real (b-word). She said "This is that department. What do you want to do?" (seems unlikely since this is the first and only person I spoke with). I said I couldn't make that decision right now, I would have to look at my other options. She said "Fine". Then asked "Is there anything else I can do?". I said I needed to talk to technical support about the R15. She said "Fine" and transfered me to a line that had Spanish language hold messages and no one answered (I gave up after about 45 minutes).

Basically, she was very unfriendly and was speaking in very exasperated tones most of the conversation. She kept repeating "So what do you want to do?"

So what should I do now?

My thought is let the free upgrade go forward (thus getting a free HD receiver and dish upgrade). When that is done, deactivate my owned/broken R15. Then order the $99.00 HD DVR from the website and install it in place of the free HD receiver, moving the HD receiver to replace the R15. Seems like I would be ahead of what she offered which came down to $99 + install to replace the dish + $20 to replace the R15. Instead of a HD receiver and a R15 i would end up with an HD DVR and an HD receiver and it would only cost $99+shipping.

Sorry this is so long, but I am really a little upset with them right now for the way this woman treated me and trying to find the best option. After 10 years of NEVER having a problem with D* this phone call really rubbed me the wrong way.
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I, too, much prefer to be rubbed the right way.
Call again and again until you get someone who is willing to treat you right. It took me 4 calls to finally get 2 free HR21-700s, 1 free AM21, free upgrade to 5LNB dish and free installation without any further commitment. If you get someone who sounds like they are having a bad day, hang up and call again.
Your mistake was answering the question, "What do you want?" with, "I want to talk to someone in retention". Unless your intention was to talk to as many different people as possible, you should have told her what you really wanted when she asked you.
cartrivision said:
Your mistake was answering the question, "What do you want?" with, "I want to talk to someone in retention". Unless your intention was to talk to as many different people as possible, you should have told her what you really wanted when she asked you.
She didn't ask that. She asked what I "wanted to do" as in take it or leave it. At least that was my impression.
My advice would be to call back and say “cancel service” at the voice prompt. This will connect you to the retention department. When you get a CSR on the line, nicely outline your situation – broken R15, outdated HD receiver, and older dish. Mention that you were contacted about a free upgrade for the HD receiver and dish, but that you really want an HD-DVR and that the caller was a bit rude and surprisingly not willing to offer anything more to keep a 10-year customer. Tell the CSR that you’d really like to stay with D*, but that you are researching other options. Have an itemized list of exactly what you want and read that to the CSR and ask for what the total up-front costs would be and the ongoing monthly costs. Be nice and friendly and act like the CSR is your last hope and you just might get more than you want.
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I agree with Rodney. If that fails, go with your original plan, but you can maybe save the $99.
Just called again...said I wanted to "cancel installation" of the free upgrade scheduled for Saturday. Maybe this sent me to retention???

Amnyway, the CSR asked why. I said I realized it wouldn't be free with the 9.99 monthly and it would start a 2 yr comm. Then said I called yesterday to verify that and the woman said that was true. So I asked her about a HD DVR instead of the HD receiver and she said it would be 99.00 + shipping. I needed to think about it and now have decided I can't afford 99.00 and without a DVR. HD wasn't worth 9.99 without a DVR as I am never home. Almost immediately he said "I see you have been with us since at least 2000...I can offer you a free HD DVR". I said great as long as it included the free install and dish upgrade. he said it did.

Five minutes later I was done. He asked "is there anything else..." I asked to be transfered to tech support because I am having issues with my R15. He did. That woman listened to my who9le long story and said "Yep. Its dead, I can send you a new one for 19.95". I said great. Didn't make me go thru ANY testing or procedures.

Whole thing resolved in about 25 minutes.

I guess it is CSR roulette!

PS - She asked if I would give them my dead R15 (even though I own it) if they sent a shipping label so they could investigate. I said sure.

PPS - I thanked both of them profusely. If you are having a problem, call back until you get "Chris" :)
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