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So, my question is what should Dish do with the 9.99 HD customers who are running MPEG2 equipment (811, 942, etc.)?

Based on the new AK/HI package, we know that the price we already pay should include Universal HD, NFLHD, and ESPN2HD channels (we also should probably be getting our locals in HD too, but that is a separate conversation). Basically for space or marketing purposes, Dish decided to not provide those channels as an MPEG2. We are not paying any less than the value (based on the price for the AK/HI package) and are not able to get the channels we pay for because:

1) A change in box requiremnts
2) A change in satellite location requirements (West Coast folks -- 61.5 folks are fine).

There seems to be something bad about this in general. I am trying to avoid a whine stage and focus on if Dish is not providing access to channels that it is supposed to do. There does seem something unfair. As everyone here knows, the cost to go from the 9.99 HD Pack (which we know for non-AK/HI is no longer available publically) to a HD metal package is a monthly cost differential. This might be justified for FOODHD, HGTVHD, and Voom channels, but if you don't want those -- what can you do?

I think Dish should changeout all leased 811 with a VIP211. I know the 942 or 921 to 622 is trickier though because to lease the 942 or 921 was not free for most customers.

I absolutely understand Dish has made an investment in newer satellites and technology, but I guess I would have been happier had their charged a higher price for the AK/HI package to differentiate the older one, but their honest approach shows a bit of their hand on how they are making money on the old HD package because they are either not paying any extra for an AT60 HD equivalent (likely) or the additional cost is so low that it doesn't make a blip on the revenue from the 9.99 HD package as it currently stands.

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