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I have a collection of DTV receivers ranging from a SD RCA to a HR20 and HR22 (I thin but it's definitely a HR2x of some sort). These are the ones the I DON"T use. They are either older ones that I bought outright or ones that were left here after upgrades and DTV didn't want back.

Is there any use for any of them? Should I just send them to the local electronics recycler?

I was hoping to use the HR2x's as Media players or something like that.

Or since 1 has a bad HD and the other has random reboot issues but between the 2 I might be able to get a good one. Would DTV activate it if I swapped the drive's around?

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Are you sure that the one with "random reboot issues" does not have a bad drive?

You can certainly move the "maybe" good drive to the box with the "known" bad drive... as long as you know that you will have to then clear that drive to remove all traces of the old encoding (all information on a drive is encoded and will only work with the original motherboard)

You then SHOULD be able to have DTV go into your history and reactivate the box (they will have no way to know it is not the original drive, just the serial number and card number are all they record)

If that drive was the reason for the restarts, read http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=167440
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