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What was the name of the show...?

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British show about a family in witness protection in a perfect town with a real The Prisoner vibe to it?

The last scene of the last episode last year was a pull back that showed the town as isolated in a forest, Amazon?, landscape with no roads.

Is it coming back?

Don't recall the name or even the network
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In the U.S. it was aired by Showtime under the title Meadowlands. It was called Cape Wrath in Britain on Channel 4, which didn't order a second season.
Thank you.
It wasn't great but it did grow on me over the season
Interesting name there, Ted. My roommate at umpire school was named Ted Barrett. He's now a Major League Umpire who lives in Arizona. ;)
ain't me.

There is also a retired railroad engineer Ted B here in Phoenix.

Whenever I get an out of state call I ask if they want the RR guy, the Baseball guy, or the software guy.

During the Umpire strike, 10 years ago? I had some very interesting phone messages left for me.
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