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Hope this dosen't become flame bait...

But what was the biggest waste of money you spent on D* or E* programming?

When I first got E* 3.5 years ago, I went crazy with ordering programming (had lame cable for so long, felt like a starving man in a supermarket)

Biggest waste was

1) Bloomberg (before AT150, was an a-la-carte channel), not bad in itself. But with the choices of all the other News channels in the 200-210 range, not a channel I felt was worth paying extra for.

2) Multi-RSN package. Figured having all those RSNs would be great, but way tooo much blackouts and way to much repition between channels

3) Cinemax, 3 channels, not worth $10, especially when realized the movies weren't being watched anyway.

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This is what I said on DBSForums,

Biggest programming waste?...hmmmmm... I'd have to say 10 years of Time Warner Cable service. Other then that, no waste on E*. We've been pretty consistant in programming. Started out with AT100, added supers 8 months later, then upgraded to AT150 when it first came out.
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