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What would my upgrade be?

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Hi all,

I have been content with my hardware for a long time, so I have lost track on the hardware side what is latest. I have 2 HR20-700s, external 1TB disks I attached, HD. If I called DTV to get an upgrade for a new service commitment, what would I get DVR-wise so I can start reading about it? Seems like a lot of devices out now; also, would they do anything to the dish or connection of dish to inside units?

Thanks for your help! I can start reading if I know what to look for :)
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What do you want? Here is my recent experience and I got everything I wanted and more.

There is one exception. If you want to upgrade your HR20-700s to the latest model, the HR24, that might be tough to do through DirecTV. DirecTV considers all DVRs equal. If you wanted to upgrade, you'd have to do that through a independent retailer like Solid Signal, which would cost you money.

I'm not sure you'd really want to get rid of your HR20s, though. All of your recordings on your 1T drives would be lost.
The only ones you can specifically order are the THR-22 Tivo or the HR34 HMC. I'd get the latter, but you can only have one.
OK, thanks for the ideas.
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